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Kirby moses

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About Me

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2016, 14 y/o

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A 22-year old daughter of a teacher and late airline stock clerk, little sister of four older siblings and friend to many.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in the countryside village of Brazil, at the center of the island.

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Kirby Moses

A poet, multidisciplinary artist and loud-mouthed, decolonial feminist. Moses' work dissects and celebrates the complexities of Caribbean identity, femininity, familial love and loss but truly, she can write captivating pieces based on any thought under the sun. Art has been her earliest tool of advocacy for gender and environmental justice and the humanitarian concerns that move her.

Having grown up swaddled by endless nursery rhymes and the stimulating learning environment of in her mother’s kindergarten, poetry is one of her first languages. She was a choral speaker and writer of her own short stories and poems from the age of 4. Her keen execution of immersive storytelling, often draws her audiences in with awe, as she delicately weaves vivid imagery throughout all her pieces.

While she loves the freedom of free-verse poetry, she loves experimenting with poetic forms and innovating her own written and visual poetic models. Moses had her debut as a spoken word performer at 14 years old at the Bocas Lit Fest and First Citizens National Poetry Slam in 2016, where she was - and is, to this day - the youngest finalist the competition had ever seen. Since then, Moses has had experience as a literary teaching artist and creative arts curriculum developer, spoken word performance peer coach and has facilitated workshops and showcases for creatives of all ages and experience, from Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, Ghana, Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka. She is the founder and director of a creative arts organization, I AM HER: Institute of Artivism and Mentorship for Healing, Empowerment and Regenerative-Education and is developing and adopting innovative pedagogies and activities for Caribbean youth to improve individual growth, interpersonal relations and develop their creative skills to actualize their dreams.

Her works have been published in local and international poetry blogs, magazines and anthologies such as EcoVybz, Homology Lit, Smilemakers, Tales of Root, Silk and Bone, FEMS Anthology. She has been featured by Roundhouse International’s Talking Doorsteps, WE Schools and Bohemia Room.

Moses is a certified sexual and gender-based violence peer instructor and holds a Diploma in Global Leadership from the UN University for Peace and is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the University of the West Indies. She is on an active and intentional journey of expanding and improving her career and lifestyle as an artist, educator and entrepreneur. When she is not studying, writing or completing an assignment she aggressively procrastinated to do, she can be found baking brownies/ painting/ designing/ dancing in a fete or singing alto with the Eastern Performing Arts Fraternity.

She believes that mindful and genuine art brings forth positive change.

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Services Offered

  • Commissioned Pieces
  • Composition & Performance
  • Spoken Word Performance Coaching
  • Creative Writing Tutoring
  • Workshop/ Poetry Project Facilitation
  • Interview Hosting
  • Creative Direction
  • Event Hosting
  • Moderation Services
  • Creative Collaborations


2024, 22 y/o

Photo Credit: Nathan Nancoo

A Taste of My Work


NGC Bocas Lit Fest National Poetry Slam (2016, 14 y/o)

Title: Yes, I am Black

Roundhouse International : Talking Doorsteps Trinidad (2017)

Title: Tame Storms Not Shrews : A Sort of Golden Shovel

Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago : Student Support Division (2021)

Title: No Green Lights

EcoVybz : Caribbean Ocean Perspectives E-Magazine, Issue 1 , p. 8-9 (2022)

Title: A Sestina for the Sea and Of Reefs I Still Dream


Smilemakers Blog and Homology Lit Magazine : Issue 8

Title: Learning to Love to Learn Yourself

Title: The Sins of God Came to Pass : The Queervalation of Genesis

Feminist Invoicing

Title: To the Onlookers

Tales of Root, Silk & Bone (2023)

Title: Pillow Talks on the River Bed

"Speak your mind—even if your voice shakes, well-aimed slingshots can topple giants." —Maggie Kuhn

Appearances & Features

Writing Resources

~From Me to You

We are all poets, we are all deeply creative beings. As members of this impossible universe, we can't help but imagine, muse and create.

This innate spirit of innovation that we have, can present in all the spaces we hold, once you are sharing new ideas, criticizing current models of operation and inventing solutions, you are tapping into that creativity. Whether you are in an office, a classroom, a grocery, a studio, you can access and apply this creativity.

If you going to take up the task of expressing your creativity through writing, here are some tips:

  • Do not be afraid to produce "nonsense", to misspell or leave out whole words.
  • Be graceful and gentle with yourself, keeping going, keep writing.
  • Share your worst and best drafts with fellow creatives
  • Write about the littlest things that move you.
  • Don't worry about being perfect or extremely “original”, we're all learning from each other anyway.
  • Credit the artists you draw inspiration from.
  • There is no wrong or right way to write your own story. You've got this.

My Standard 1 teacher, Ms. Copeland, made us write down this definition of poetry many moons ago and truly, I don't think there is anything I'd change, especially if this definition should inspire and encourage new writers to forge ahead into the world of storytelling.

My Definition of

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Poems are the nicest things to read. Poems sound best when you read them aloud. This is because they have a special rhythm. Poems often have words that are repeated just like the words in a song. Poems often have words that rhyme or words starting with the same letter or same sound or pattern. Poems are written in verses or stanzas. These verses are short lines. These short lines help you get a rhythm.

Kirby (2008, 6 y/o)

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This service works best if I get to know you a little more. You can either send me an email or DM telling me what’s on your mind or what you need to write about and I’ll do my best to give you a little poetic boost.

If you want to remain anonymous, send me a secret message about your situation, sign your message using a nick name/pen name and look out for the prompt to be shared on my public Instagram story.


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2008, aged 6

2008, aged 6

2008, aged 6

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